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If you are a US Citizen or a Green card holder and not filed your taxes we can help you under the IRS Amnesty Program which involves 3 years of filing Federal returns and 6 years of F BAR.

Most of the Expats do not owe any tax but they have a filing requirement where they have to report their income.

USA Expat taxes has a team of experts with years of experience in tax preparation for US Expats. In addition to our professional credentials, we provide our clients personal communication, and strive to keep the expat tax return filing as easy as possible.

What is Expat tax return?

If you are a USA citizen or Green Card holder or have any US source income, you are required to file the US tax and report your worldwide income. You may be eligible to claim Foreign Income Exclusion or get Foreign Tax credits to offset the taxable income and might not have to pay any or very less US tax...

Ways to file expat tax return

The field of US income tax return holds an important role. The IRS Tax Form 1040 is the standard federal income tax form. It is used for reporting Individual gross income like wages, interest or dividends received or self – employment income etc. There are separate rules identified for those living abroad...

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